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GRUNDOMAT soil displacement technique

The pneumatically driven hammers work according to the soil displacement method, when moving forward the spoil is displaced into the surrounding soil. A channel is produced into which socket less short or long pipes up to OD 160 made of plastic (PE, PVC or PE-X) or cables can be pulled in. Depending on the type of soil, lengths of up to 25 m can either be pulled in simultaneously or later. A compressor with 6 – 7 bar operating pressure is required for this, with exact alignment of the machine towards the target necessary for high on- target accuracy.


With the proven 2-stroke principle, the precise target accuracy, as well as the exact alignment and adjustment are achieved through the two stroke impact method.
On the first stroke, the whole moving head assembly is propelled forward as the piston accelerates and impacts against the rear of the chisel driving it forward to create a pilot bore hole. As the piston then returns, the second stroke, the compressed spring in the head further pulls the long cylindrical casing into the previously made pilot bore hole.
Should an ‘obstacle’ be encountered and forward propulsion hindered, the chisel/crowned head in the reciprocating head will continue ‘chiselling’ independently until the obstruction is fragmented and displaced.
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