Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning Service

Mech-N-Air’s Dry Ice Blasting cleaning process is rapidly becoming the favoured cleaning option when considering production, vital material integrity and environmental concerns.

Dry Ice or Thermal Blasting as it also known is a relatively new cleaning process in Australia that consists of forcing CO2 pellets (dry ice pallets) at high velocity onto a surface. The process incorporates a high velocity nozzle that blasts the CO2 pallets onto a surface penetrating the outside layer of a treated surface. The pallet then transforms from a solid to a gas creating what is called a “Micro-explosion”. In this micro-explosion, the pallets vaporize immediately on contact forcing separation from the undesired material to the base material.

One of the many benefits of the Dry Ice Blasting process is its non-toxic and non-abrasive properties of the CO2 pallets. This enables the user to clean desired surfaces with minimal setup and almost no clean-up necessary.
This process is a much safer alternative to other media such as garnet and grit cleaning due to the fact that the CO2 pallets are much “softer” in comparison and do not alter the substrate profile, thus not affecting critical tolerances and finished surfaces.

The process is suitable for use on the following applications;

  •  Cleaning electric motor internal (Copper windings etc.)
  •  Cleaning electrical circuitry
  •  Degreasing engines
  • Cleaning boat hulls/marine surfaces (Barnacles, moss, mould etc.)
  • Paint/adhesive removal (Graffiti, stickers, ink & paint based markings etc.)
  • Cleaning food grade surfaces
  • Intricate parts cleaning
  • Printing facilities (Printing press etc.)
  • Cleaning Solar Panels

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