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EZ50 – The compact and powerful Zero Tail mini-excavator

Full steam ahead: The mini-excavator EZ50 has the expected high lifting and excavation power as well as rapid work cycles. Thanks to the newest technologies, the emissions of the mini-excavator were reduced and the efficiency simultaneously increased, among other things. This is how, for example, the powerful engine of the EZ50 fulfills the standards for exhaust emissions stage 5. The excavator is also impressive in terms of operator-friendliness. Work is no trouble at all thanks to the intuitive operating concept and flawless view of the working area. The EZ50 is also a zero tail excavator and thus particularly suited for work in narrow spaces.
  • 3-point kinematics for more breakaway force, insertion depth and dumping height
  • Four auxiliary control circuits, high lifting and excavation power and thus, rapid work cycles – performance is emphasized here!
  • Comfortable and fatigue-free joystick control thanks to Load Sensing Flow Sharing

Precise work results with Load Sensing Flow Sharing

  • The machine adapts to the load and the joystick movements thus always remain the same for the operator.
  • Load Sensing Flow Sharing allows precise control regardless of the load to be moved.

Powerful hydraulics for versatile applications

  • The mini-excavator can be used at ambient temperatures of up to 45 degrees without compromising performance.
  • Attachments can be quickly changed thanks to the new pressure release switch.
  • With the EZ50’s four auxiliary control circuits, versatile attachments can be used. With these, the mini-excavator can be applied for many different uses.

Comfortable operation and optimum visibility

  • The intuitive operating concept of the EZ50 allows easy and comprehensive control of the excavator.
  • Using a joystick, 3.5-inch display, Jog Dial and keypad, you can operate the machine, control the auxiliary hydraulics, or set oil levels. A 7-inch display is also optionally available.
  • The Bluetooth hands-free system (optional) and USB charge function round out the utmost comfort.
  • The windshield wipers and their wipe direction were adjusted such as to prevent any visibility restrictions for the operator.
  • A powerful air-conditioning system provides the optimum temperature. In addition, the front windows can be flexibly opened. This ensures a pleasant draft and also simplifies communication with colleagues.

Active Working Signal for even greater safety

  • Your colleagues on the construction site can tell if the excavator is in operation thanks to the Active Working Signal (AWS) attached to the engine hood.
  • The AWS lights up red when the joystick support is pressed down and the excavator is ready for application.

Low-emission, powerful engine

  • Due to the thermal management developed by Wacker Neuson, not only is the service life of the diesel engine increased, but the performance of the cabin heating as well.
  • The EZ50 is equipped with a powerful diesel engine with integrated DPF (diesel particulate filter). The engine fulfills the standards of exhaust emissions stage 5 and thus ensures minimum emission of pollutants.
  • The EZ50 is also fitted with a large engine hood. This makes the engine easy to access for service work.
  • The exhaust system, pointed upwards, minimizes potential injury to persons and damage to objects.

Zero Tail – all-around compact

  • The all-around compact dimensions of the EZ50 are ideal for application in confined spaces.
  • The lack of tail overhang allows safe working along walls, at the side of the road, or with other limitations.

Well protected cylinder

  • The lifting arm cylinder is protected from damage by a piston rod protector made of synthetic material. Thanks to the elastic material, no deformations are left behind. This saves repair costs and time.
  • Protection is also optionally available for the dipper stick and dipper cylinder.

Swiveling dozer blade and flawless stability

  • When backfilling, the machine doesn’t have to be reset as often, as the dozer blade can be swiveled to a straight position or up to 25 degrees to the left or right.
  • In the floating position, the dozer blade applies constant force on the cutting edge. This way, the blade position has to be adjusted less often.
  • The external track rollers give the machine a high degree of stability, especially for lifting heavy loads.

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This machine has been serviced and inspected in the Mech-N-Air workshop by our fully qualified technicians.

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